XV Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence

03 - 06 October 2021
Virtual Format


On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to the XV Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence - XV Congresso Brasileiro de Inteligência Computacional (CBIC 2021). This year, the CBIC 2021 will be organized in virtual format by the Universidade do Estado De Santa Catarina (UDESC) - Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil from 03 October to 06 October 2021. The School of the Brazilian Society of Computational Intelligence (Escola da Sociedade Brasileira de Inteligência Computacional - EBIC) with tutorials occurs on the first day.

CBIC is a bi-annual congress organized by the Brazilian Society of Computational Intelligence (SBIC). CBIC 2021 aims to promote a high-level forum composed of scientists, researchers, engineers, professionals and educators to disseminate its most recent results of research and innovation in the area of Computational Intelligence.

The city of Joinville is located in the northern region of the state of Santa Catarina. It is the largest city in the state of Santa Catarina and the third most populous in the southern region, with about 500,000 inhabitants. The city stands out for being the seat of a large industrial pole with several multinational companies. 

Joinville is also known for its most diverse festivals (such as the flower festival and the dance festival). This is where the biggest dance festival in the world takes place, attracting around 10,000 dancers every year, including the Bolshoi's only venue outside of Russia. The Joinville Airport is the main gateway for visitors. 

In addition to all the beauty and local attractions, the city is close to several other tourist centers such as São Francisco do Sul Island, Balneário Camboriú, Pomerode, Campo Alegre and Blumenau. The period of the event starts a festive month in Santa Catarina with the Oktoberfest Blumenau as its exponent, scheduled to start on October 6th, 2021.

The Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC) is a multi-campus institution funded in 1965. It is distributed in 12 localities all over the Santa Catarina state, offering more than 60 undergraduate courses and more than 50 graduate courses (Institutional Video in Portuguese).

The Center for Technological Sciences (Centro de Ciências Tecnológicas - CCT), Udesc Joinville, offers nine undergraduate courses and 11 graduate courses, all free of charge. The team consists of about 250 professors, mostly doctors, in addition to 96 technical servers. 

Located in an area of 67 thousand square meters, the CCT is the largest of Udesc's 12 centers spread across the state. The structure has 16 buildings, including a Library, Community Center, Sports Gym, in addition to laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment, including supermicroscopes and even an experimental factory, considered one of the largest of its kind in southern Brazil. 

Currently, more than 160 research projects are underway at the University. In addition, the institution also develops community actions in more than 30 extension actions, and has educational projects recognized and awarded at national and international level. 
We look forward to welcoming you! Prosit!


The CBIC 21 will take the virtual format due to the COVID-19's pandemic situation.


  • Paper Submission Deadline: 30 May 2021
  • Paper Acceptance Notification Date: 15 July 2021
  • Final Paper Submission: 30 August 2021
  • Early Registration Deadline: 30 August 2021

  • XV CBIC: 03 to 06 October, 2021


Topics of interest are organized in three main tracks and two Special Sessions:
  • Evolutionary, swarm and nature-inspired algorithms: evolutionary algorithms, evolutionary multi-objective optimization, estimation of distribution algorithms, artificial immune systems, swarm intelligence, collective intelligence, evolvable hardware, bio-inspired methods, etc.
  • Neural and machine learning systems: artificial neural networks, deep learning, machine learning, molecular and quantum computing, complex networks, reinforcement learning, etc.
  • Fuzzy and stochastic systems: fuzzy systems, fuzzy control and decision making, uncertainty analysis, rough sets, fractals, multi-agent systems, game theory, etc.
  • Special Session on Data Science.
  • Special Session on Industry 4.0.

Authors are invited to submit full-papers.

Instructions for authors:
  • All articles must be written using the IEEE format available here
  • Paper submission should be 06-08 pages long, written in English (preferably) or Portuguese.
  • Authors' identification must be removed for double-blind review.
  • Submissions will be exclusively electronic in PDF format through Easychair system:

Featured papers will be selected  for a Best Paper Session.

All accepted papers will have D.O.I. and Proceedings will be available at SBIC website.

Selected papers will be invited for Special Issues on distinguished Journals. <to be announced>


AUTHOR registration covers the participation of one author and the publication of one accepted paper. If you have more than one paper accepted, you must pay an extra fee for each one of them. 

AUTHOR registration must be done until the Early Registration Deadline.

Accepted papers must be presented at the event by one of the authors so that they can be published in the proceedings of CBIC 21. Presentations can be made in Portuguese or in English.

More information available soon.


Alice E. Smith

Keynote Speaker

Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Auburn University, Alabama, USA.

Guilherme de Souza

Keynote Speaker

He is an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, an adjunct associate professor in the Computer Science Department and a joint courtesy associate professor with the Sinclair School of Nursing, all at the University of Missouri, USA.

Janusz Kacprzyk

Keynote Speaker

Polish Academy of Sciences.

Joao Gama

Keynote Speaker

Full Professor at the School of Economics, University of Porto, Portugal.

Kaska Musial-Gabrys

Keynote Speaker

Complex Network Scientist. Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney, Network Science, Sydney, Australia.

Aluízio Fausto Ribeiro Araujo (UFPE)


Algoritmos evolucionários multi-objetivos dinâmicos.

Antônio Pereira Júnior (UFPA)


Contribuições das neurociências para a inteligência computacional.

Danton Diego Ferreira (UFLA)


Estruturas ensemble via deep learning num contexto de poucos dados.

José Manoel de Seixas (UFRJ)


Aprendizado de máquina: aplicações em saúde.

Marcelo Augusto Costa Fernandes (UFRN)


Aprendizagem profunda aplicada a classificação viral.

Márcio Dorn (UFRGS)


Predição da aparência humana a partir de vestígios biológicos de interesse forense: explorando a genética de características externamente visíveis através de aprendizagem de máquina.


Information available soon. 


General Chair
  • Rafael Stubs Parpinelli (UDESC) - rafael.parpinelli[at]udesc.br
Program Chair
  •  Carmelo Bastos Filho - (UPE)
    • Evolutionary, Swarm and Nature-inspired Algorithms Track
      • Chair: Hugo Siqueira (UTFPR-PG)
    • Neural and Machine Learning Systems Track
      • Chair: Danton Ferreira (UFLA)
    • Fuzzy and Stochastic Systems Track 
      • Chair: Douglas Wildgrube Bertol (UDESC)
    • Special session on Data Science 
      • Chair - Diego Pinheiro (University of California, Davis)
    • Special session on Industry 4.0 
      • Chair - Roberto Limão (UFPA) 
Keynote and Tutorial Chair 
  • Nadia Nedjah (UERJ)
Publication Chair
  • Ajalmar Rocha Neto (IFCE) 
Competition Chairs
  • Manassés Ribeiro (IFC - Videira) 
  • Gilmário Barbosa (UDESC)
Sponsorship Chair 
  • Omir Correia Alves (UDESC)
Financial Chair
  • Guilherme Barreto (UFC)
Registration Chair
  • Fabiano Baldo (UDESC) 
EBIC General Chair
  • Renato Tinós (USP)

Program Committee (Under formation)
Adam Dreyton Ferreira dos Santos UNIFESSPA
Ademir ConstantinoUEM
Ademir NiedUDESC
Adiel Teixeira de Almeida FilhoUFPE
Adriana Rosa Garcez Castro UFPA
Adriano FioreseUDESC
Adrião DuarteUFRN
Agustín Ortíz DíazUDESC
Alexandre César Muniz de Oliveira UFMA
Allan Kardec Duailibe Barros Filho UFMA
Alma Y. AlanisUniversidad de Guadalajara
Alvaro David Orjuela CañonUniversidad del Rosario
Amauri Holanda de Souza JúniorIFCE
André E. LazzarettiUTFPR
Anthony Jose C. C. LinsUNICAP
Anuhandra GokhaleIllinois State University
Augusto Santiago CerqueiraUFJF
Aurora Trinidad Ramirez PozoUFPR
Bruno Henrique Groenner BarbosaUFLA
Bruno José Torres FernandesUPE
Carlos Alberto Oliveira de Freitas UFAM
César Lincoln Cavalcante MattosUFC 
Cesar M.V. BenitezUTFPR
Chidambaram ChidambaramUDESC
Cícero GarozziUFRPE
Cláudio Elízio Calazans CampeloUFCG
Daniel GuerreiroUnB
Daniel Oliveira DantasUFS 
Danilo SilvaUFSC
Danton FerreiraUFLA
Deam James Azevedo da SilvaUFOPA
Denis Gustavo FantinatoUFABC
Denivaldo Cicero Pavao Lopes UFMA
Diego PinheiroUNICAP
Douglas Dyllon Jeronimo de MacedoUFSC
Edson Koiti Kudo Yasojima UFRA
Erick A. BarbozaUFAL
Euripedes Pinheiro dos Santos UFPA
Fabiano BaldoUDESC
Felipe Augusto Pereira de FigueiredoINATEL
Fernanda Cristina Corrêa
Fernando Buarque de Lima NetoUPE
Fernando dos SandosUDESC
Filipe de Oliveira Saraiva UFPA
Filippo César Guedes RégisIFPE
Francisco Madeiro Bernardino JúnioUPE
Gisele L. PappaUFMG
Heitor S. LopesUTFPR
Hieda Adriana Nascimento Silva UFPA
Ivanovitch Medeiros Dantas da SilvaUFRN
Jandecy Cabral Leite ITEGAM
Jefferson Magalhães de Morais UFPA
João Fausto Lorenzato de OliveiraUPE
Joao Paulo PapaUNESP
Joao Viana da Fonseca Neto UFMA
João Weyl CrisóstomoUFPA
José Alfredo F. Costa UFRN
Jose SeixasUFRJ
Julio Cesar NievolaPUC-PR
Leanderson AndréUNIVILLE
Leandro Dias da SilvaUFAL
Leticia SeijasUNMDP
Lídio Mauro Lima de CamposUFPA
Lucídio dos Anjos Formiga CabralUFPB
Manasses RibeiroIFC
Manoel Henrique da Nóbrega MarinhoUPE
Marcella Scoczynski Ribeiro MartinsUTFPR
Marcelo Sampaio AlencarUFCG
Marcio DornUFRGS
Marcos Eduardo  Valle MesquitaUNICAMP
Marcos OliveiraUniversity of Exeter
Marcos Yuzuru de Oliveira CamadaIFBAIANO
Mariana Santos Matos CavalcaUDESC
Mariela CerradaUPS Ecuador
Marley VellascoPUC-RIO
Myriam DelgadoUTFPR
Omir Alves Jr.UDESC
Orlando Shigueo Ohashi JuniorUFRA
Otávio Noura TeixeiraUFPA
Pablo Andretta JaskowiakUFSC
Paulo Salgado Gomes de Mattos NetoUFPE
Rafael Suzuki BaymaUFPA
Reginaldo Cordeiro dos Santos Filho UFPA
Renato TinósUSP
Ricardo Coelho SilvaUFC 
Roberto Célio Limão de OliveiraUFPA
Rodrigo de Paula MonteiroUNICAP
Rodrigo Lisboa PereiraUFRA
Ronaldo MenezesUniversity of Exeter
Ronnie Cley de Oliveira AlvesInst VALE
Tiago A. E. FerreiraUFRPE
Wilian Soares LacerdaUFLA
Zhao LiangUSP



Promotion and Sponsorship 
  • Complete information available soon. 


Joinville Airport is 14 km from the city center on a tour that takes about 20 minutes.

Distances from Joinville:
  • From Florianópolis (airport, beaches): 
    • 180km aprox 2hrs
  • From Curitiba (airport): 
    • 130km aprox 1:30hr
  • From Navegantes (airport, beaches):
    • 85km aprox 1hr
  • From Blumenau (Oktoberfest, scheduled to start on October 6th, 2021):
    • 120km aprox 1:30hr 
  • From Balneário Camboriú (beaches):
    • 100km aprox 1hr
  • From Penha (beaches, Beto Carreiro World tematic park):
    • 69km aprox 50min 
  • From São Francisco do Sul (beaches):
    • 60km aprox 1:30hr
  • From Pomerode (german gastronomy, craft beer):
    • 87km aprox 1:30hr


  • UDESC, Joinville, Santa Catarina