Kaska Musial-Gabrys

Kaska Musial-Gabrys
Keynote Speaker - University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Talk: Complex Systems Digital Twin - how far are we from the Holy Grail?

My main areas of research are complex networked systems, and analysis of their dynamics and evolution, as well as predictive, adaptive modelling of networked systems. I am also fascinated by the controllability and control mechanisms in complex networks and spreading processed over complex systems. Another area of my research interests is automated machine learning with emphasis on adaptation mechanisms and lifelong learning. 

I received my MSc in Computer Science from Wroclaw University of Technology (WrUT), Poland, and an MSc in Software Engineering from the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, both in 2006. 

I currently hold a position of a Professor of Network Science and a Deputy Head of School at the School of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). I am also a co-Director of the Complex Adaptive Systems Lab within the Data Science Institute, UTS. Immediately before moving to Sydney in September 2017, I held the positions of an Associate Professor in Computing and a Head of the SMART Technology Research Group at the Department of Computing and Informatics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bournemouth University (BU), UK. Prior to that, I worked at the King’s College London (UK) as a Lecturer in Computer Science where I was also a founder and leader of the interdisciplinary Complex Adaptive Networks and Systems (iCANS) initiative.